Saturday, March 24, 2012

North Myrtle Beach smoking ban in effect

North Myrtle Beach becomes another city across the country converting to no-smoking bans.  The city of North Myrtle Beach passed the new no-smoking ordinance which went into effect on March 7th, 2011. Below you will find what smokers and business owners need to know to about the newly instated “Smoking in Public Places” rule. 

It bans:

 • Smoking in restaurants, bars, public places, work places and some outdoor facilities.
• Smoking in public transportation vehicles, such as taxicabs and buses
• Smoking in hotel and motel common areas, enclosed hallways, enclosed construction sites
• Smoking at ballparks, athletic fields and other sporting/athletic venues when in use for athletic competitions or public performances. Smoking will be allowed in parks only in designated areas.

It allows:

• Smoking outdoors if conducted at a distance from any door, window or ventilation system to prevent smoke from entering a building.
• Smoking in campground spaces, hotel and motel rooms, or structures owned or rented as time shares.
It does not apply to retail tobacco stores, which includes existing cigar bars.


• Anyone who violates the ordinance can be fined $100. Business owners or employers of public places who fail to comply can be fined no more than $100 for the first violation, no more than $200 for a second violation, and no more than $500 for each additional violation within one year.

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  1. I usually stay in North Myrtle Beach. I will now switch to another location, just for the principal of it. More nanny-state action.

  2. Nothing to do with any "nanny state" issue. That is an excuse put out by smokers. The other 80% have had enough of smoker's litter and rude behavior. If you would consider how tight beaches are packed and then smoke in an out of the way spot this wouldn't need to happen. How many times have you een smokers line up their butts in the sand and then just go home, leaving the mess behind?

    1. This won't have any effect on beach smokers. You can go to Surfside if you want be away from that.

  3. We just heard about the NMB smoking ban last month. As a result, we are now planning a trip to OD Beach this month. With about 80% of the people being non-smokers, the local business will benefit.
    As for "nanny states", keep in mind that NC and GA already have statewide smoking bans and most of the better restaurants and bars in SC have gone smoke free to increase business.

  4. Glad i switched to electronic cigarettes, now i don't have to worry about such kind of bans, i can freely smoke in bars, restaurants, parks, beaches and malls.

  5. Good to know Blake that you moved to electronic cigarettes, i am also planning to do that, can you tell how beneficial they are, i mean have you noticed any changes in your health, which brand are you using?.

  6. This is amazing, usually you don't get choices, it is really great to know that besides just imposing a complete ban they allowed smoking if you are away from a door or window.

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