Friday, May 4, 2012

Dye Course closure is Looming. BOGO 50% OFF at the Dye Club Pro Shop

Barefoot Resort & Golf is continuing to improve its already impressive multi-course facility, by moving forward in 2012 and converting the remaining two courses. In 2011 we underwent green renovations to both the Fazio and Norman courses. With rave reviews, management has decided to complete the process and convert the remaining two courses (Dye,Love) this upcoming summer. The Dye Course will be closed starting May 21st and reopen by July 16th.

In case you are unfamiliar with our renovation, we are converting our greens from Bentgrass to Champion UltraDwarf. The company that is in charge of conducting the renovation is Champion Turf Farms founded by Morris Brown. The process used for the conversion is called No-Till Renovation. No-Till Renovation™ is the process of changing the grass variety on a putting green without reconstructing the existing surface. The end result of the process is that the green contours are exactly as they were before, but with a uniform, 100% stand of Champion. The resulting putting surface is dramatically improved by the inherent characteristics of Champion because Champion provides the best ball roll of any bermudagrass cultivar. To learn more about this process visit: Champion Turf Farms- No Till Renovation. During last year's renovations on the Fazio Course, we compiled a time lapse video from start to finish. If you are interested in the process head on over to our YouTube Channel: Fazio Restoration.

(Welcome Sign)
During the course closure the Dye Clubhouse and Pro Shop will remain open to the general public and its guests. Going on now through the renovation the Pro Shop at the Dye Club is having a blowout Sale! All soft goods in the shop are BOGO (Buy One Get One) 50% OFF. All clubs will be reduced to 25% OFF. The pro shop will be open seven days a week from 7a.m. to For directions and questions please call the pro shop directly at 843-399-7238. The restaurant at the Dye Club during that time will be conducting weekly  Themed Night dinners along with tantalizing Happy Hour Specials. If you would like to sign up for one of the upcoming events or inquire in more detail, please call the Dye restaurant at 843-390-8446.
(Dye Clubhouse view from #18)
Time is running out to play the Dye Course one last time before it will be forever changed. As with any major renovation the course will never be the same. Call and book a tee time before its to late. The final date for open play will be Sunday, May 20th, 2012. Already people are jumping on the opportunity to play the Dye Course in it's original glory. What are you waiting for!?!? Call the Dye Club pro shop at 843-399-7238 to book your tee time today. Remember to ask about our ongoing specials...We hope to see you soon!

(Dye Course- Par 3 #6)

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